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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Bob Brind-Surch - "Smart Shooting Part One"

This talk explores some of the more basic as well as more advanced ways in which we can control our camera to produce better and more creative shots. These start with the basics of getting off Auto and taking back control of our photography through to exploring the use of histograms and managing exposure where the camera’s in-built systems “gets it wrong”.



Wednesday 17th February 2021

Steve Williams - "Street Photography"

"My talk will offer advice on how to take successful pictures in situations many people find intimidating.  I will discuss the best equipment to use, technique tips and my favourite locations, plus some advice about the law with regards to this this tricky but rewarding style of photography. "




Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Justin Minns - "A Learning Curve"

"I am a full time professional landscape photographer, specialising in capturing atmospheric images of East Anglia. The clients I work with include the National Trust and English Heritage and I am a LEE Filters master ambassador. Over the last few years I have become increasingly absorbed by landscape photography. This presentation aims to pass along some of the things I have learnt during that time, illustrated by plenty of images."



Wednesday 14th April 2021

Wayne Brittle - "Another Time, Another Place"

Widely published and an ambassador for NiSi filters and PhotoPro tripods, Wayne is a landscape specialist.

 "I live close to the Staffordshire, Derbyshire border and have over 40 years experience behind the Lens. My passion for Landscape Photography comes from my love of the great outdoors. I often rise before the sun and will travel miles to capture the sheer beauty of the British Landscape."



Wednesday 28th April 2021

Colin Trow-Poole - "People & Places"

"Often the subjects I photograph already have a strong story telling/documentary element, but by selectively composing, sensitively using lighting and carefully controlling tonal gradations, visual dialogue can be enhanced resulting in a more evocative and thought provoking final mage."



Wednesday 9th June 2021

Chris Upton - "Passion for Pictures" (TBC)

We have previously had the pleasure of hearing Chris present to our Club - and he went down very well indeed!

This presentation really does have something for everyone, with a broad selection of images from around the world and close to home. The lecture contains many examples of how I work to develop the image in the field or in post processing to achieve the desired result.



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