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Versatility Challenge Incoming!

Posted September 2017

In Autumn we will be holding our annual Versatility Challenge.

This is a fun event where you need to bring in our own images to suit various titles. We usually hold a separate, earlier session (on the same evening) for children to come to with their own images. It is hoped that we will have enough support to run the event for children again this year. 
Here are the titles for the 2017 Versatility Challenge, to be held in November (most likely it will be on the 29th)
  1. Nature at work
  2. Lurking in the shadows
  3. Yellow
  4. All about Aquatics
  5. Mainly Legs
  6. Softly, softly
  7. Unusual to see
  8. Feel the heat
…….and the slightly simpler version for Children to follow (although this year there isn’t really that much difference between the 2 sets of titles.
The children do usually come up with some brilliant images though! All children are welcome to come and join in. They must be somehow loosely connected to a club member ( as ‘loosely connected' as your neighbour’s kids is fine!) and any parents are very welcome to come along too.
  1. Nature.
  2. Dark
  3. Yellow
  4. Water
  5. Legs
  6. Soft
  7. Unusual
  8. Hot


New Ways to Interact with the Club

Posted 16th August 2014

In order to offer as many ways as possible for Towcester Camera Club members to interact, a Flickr group and Facebook page have been setup for club member use.  Participation is purely optional.

Towcester Camera Club Flickr Page

The Towcester Camera Club Flickr group has been created to promote the club and provide a platform for members to share photographs and comments. Members must be active or prospective members of the Towcester Camera Club to remain members of the Flickr group.

Note that images in the group are public but you must join the group to contribute or comment you will need a Yahoo account.

Signing up is free, easy and requires minimal information. This will give you your own Flickr page to upload photos to, a selection of which you can choose to add to groups.

Once signed up, go to the club page and select "+ Join Group" an Admin will then approve your request.

Towcester Camera Club Facebook Page

Additionally, for those with facebook accounts, we have a facebook page, This is a member only page, images and comments can only be viewed by members.


More information on each session can be found on the Programme Page.