Towcester Camera Club Programme

Towcester Camera Club meets on alternate Wednesday evenings at the St Michael’s Church Rooms in Silverstone from 8:00 - 10:00pm (gather from 7:30). We warmly welcome anybody who enjoys photography as a hobby.
Our members have a very wide range of photographic interests and ability and most find that they thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to share ideas and to learn techniques from each other and from visiting speakers, either before the formal session starts, during the midway break, or at the end of the session.
The Club updates its programme twice a year and aims to cater to a spread of interests, mixing external speakers with informal, participative member sessions.
We are always keen to hear from people keen to show their work or demonstrate new techniques.

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Programme of Events ~ 2017

Progamme for 2017 is still shaping up currently, please check back for latest information.


11th January 2017
Dan Evans - How to Photograph Flowers for Impact

Dan will be giving a talk on topics inlcuding: equipment, macro photography, his 5 golden rules for flower photography, a brief look at B&W and review samples of commercial garden photography – following a break, there will be a further slide show of my favourite flower images"


25th January 2017
Bob Brind Surch - Wild Lens

An illustrated talk on wildlife photography showing a year of his own work with the first half in the UK and the second half in Africa.

Bob was for very many years a member (and Chairman) of Towcester Camera Club but over the past few years we haven’t seen much of him as he has been so very busy developing his business running specialised African, European and UK based photographic tours and workshops. 

Those who have seen Bob’s presentations before will know that they are always very well worth seeing. Bob has an incredible depth of knowledge of 'all things photographic’ and due to his previous teaching background, he is also very skilled at explaining any technical points in a way that is easy to understand. 

The should be an excellent meeting with a great opportunity to see some of the results of Bob’s passion for capturing Wildlife on camera and as ever there will also be a good helping of useful information to take away with you. It is worth having a look at

Bob’s website if you haven’t already seen what he has to offer

As an experienced photographer and naturalist Bob is passionate about his work and sharing his photographs and observations of wildlife with others.
He has been a keen naturalist from a very young age and a photographer from his late teens. He describes himself as foremost a naturalist who photographs what he observes rather than a photographer specialising in wildlife. This is very important to him and goes back to why he started taking photos in the late 60s when his photography consisted of taking colour slides to illustrate talks he gave on wildlife.
He learnt his photographic craft seeking to capture animals in difficult situations and specifically recording animal behaviour. This was all the more difficult with older manual film cameras but proved a good grounding for practising and refining the skills that still serve him well in the digital age.
Throughout his life he has been fortunate to have shared experiences and worked with some very competent naturalists and photographers. They have collectively helped him enormously and taken him on his exciting journey of exploration. In this presentation he is going to share some of his more recent work both in this country and Europe as well as in his favourite location, East Africa, somewhere he has a real passion for as anybody who’s attended one of his previous sessions sure to know.
8th February 2017
Hilary Spurrier - Cold Contrasts
Hilary Spurrier one of our own members, will show “Cold Contrasts’ with images from the extreme North and extreme South of the globe. Be prepared for some fabulous penguin photographs.
This will be an evening based on photography in the Artic and Antarctic. The evening will include landscape, wildlife, street and flower photography. The constraints of photography will be included as well as an overview of the kit and equipment used.
22nd February 2017
Anne Gray - India
Anne Gray has been a member of Towcester Camera Club for some years but recently left us to live in India for a couple of years. During her time there Anne gained an special knowledge of this fascinating country that those who merely pass through don’t often get the opportunity to find out about. She has now returned and will show us a selection of her ‘India’ images with some added details about her technical learning curve with a new camera too.
8th March 2017  - WAS AMAZING
22nd March 2017
Olney Selection
Selection  of our images for the Annual Battle against Olney Camera Club. This year it is Olney’s turn to host the event so it will be held at their venue in Olney on 31st May - The Judge is as yet unconfirmed but will be chosen and booked by Olney. 
Start to think which of your images you would like to be considered for this annual competition. It is usually pretty friendly, there is no set theme and 20 digital images from each club are to be shown and judged. 
5th April 2017
Spring Outing
An Outing with a “Spring” theme. Spring is always a fantastic time of year to capture images of fresh new life emerging. The plan is to get ourselves and cameras out there to enjoy it, come rain or shine! 
19th April 2017
Dave Eagle - Accessible Astro Photography
A talk on "Astro Photography". This could be a very technical subject but Dave will show us how it can also be accessible to those with only standard DSLR cameras & lenses. He will show a selection of what can be achieved using fairly simple kit.
31st May 2017
Annual Battle against Olney Camera Club
6th September 2017
IMPROVE YOUR PICTURE TAKING SKILLS - A presentation by Tony Winfield
(Exploring the Non-Technical Side of Photography)
This talk concentrates on the non-technical creative process behind taking a picture. It is intended to help photographic novices/ new members to take better pictures by developing their awareness of factors such as:
  • How to Introduce Depth into a Picture
  • Composition
  • Contrast
  • Colour
  • Light
It will help less experienced photographers to understand how they can construct a picture using artistic judgement and make their images more engaging with the viewer. 
The talk will also act as a refresher for established photographers.
Then, the following meeting needs YOUR participation:
20th September 2017
Selection Evening for the Terry Chapman Memorial Print Competition
The Terry Chapman Competition is looming, so start to think about what images you may have that you can bring in for consideration.
We will be selecting our 9 images for submission at our meeting on 20th September.  There are no set categories this time. The judge for this year’s competition is John Wilcox LRPS (EAF).  We need to submit 9 printed & mounted images (and a digital version of each, which must be 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high in srgb colour space)

Each member should bring in up to 4 images for our selection evening, although the maximum from one person allowed in the competition is 3.
4th October 2017
Practical Session
Our meeting this week 4th October is a practical session, outside and in the dark. I have chosen an easily accessible venue where we can try to capture some vehicle light trails from a bridge overlooking a dual carriageway. We should be able to capture approaching and/or retreating light trails. from both directions off the bridge. There are very many better places to get more artistic curved light effects but this bridge is pretty convenient in many ways and should also allow us enough time to return to base for an analysis of what we have captured and to be able to have a discussion of how to iron out any problems that people may have encountered.  
18th October 2017
Gerry Coles - Brilliantly digitally manipulated images

Gerry is a member of Duston Camera Club and has done a couple of talks for us before and is very skilled at what he does, presents it well and he is a very friendly, down to earth & decent chap too. 

Those of you who have seen his work before will know roughly what to expect. Those of you who haven’t….prepare to be amazed at what Gerry can do.

Saturday 21st October 2017
The 17th Terry Chapman Memorial Print Competition at Irchester Village Hall, Irchester, Northants, NN29 7AW
RULES - 2017
  • The Competition will be open to any photographic club in Northamptonshire and in the surrounding counties by invitation.
  • The Competition will be held annually in the Autumn towards the end of October or beginning of November.
  • Each club will submit an entry of 9 prints with one being marked as a tie-breaker. Prints must be from at least five authors with no more than three prints per author. No author may enter for more than one club. The tie-breaker prints will be placed in rank order by the judge. The tie-breaker prints will be displayed separately at the exhibition, but will only be referred to in the event of a tie.
  • The prints can be colour or monochrome and must be mounted not larger that 20” by 16” (508mm by 406mm) and must have the name of the author, a title, and the name of the club they are representing written clearly on the back. Labels denoting the use of the print in the competition will be placed on the back of each print by the RDPS.
  • Prints may be home or trade processed, or produced digitally, but the copyright of all the elements in any picture must be at the disposal of the author.
  • No print or substantially similar print may be entered again for any subsequent Terry Chapman Memorial Print Competition.
  • The Judge will be someone noted for their print work where possible and will be chosen from the EAF and the MCPF judges lists.
  • The prints must be delivered to the named recipients by mutual arrangement before the competition.
  • Two trophies will be provided and competed for annually. There will be a trophy for the winning club and a trophy for the best print in the competition. The winners will arrange for their names and the year to be engraved on their trophies at their own expense. The trophies are to be returned to the RDPS two weeks before the next competition.
  • Each club entering the competition shall pay a non-returnable entry fee of £20.00.
1 November 2017
Bell Hallett - Presentation

Bill has very many facets, is quite a colourful character and will show us an eclectic sample of some of the things he takes pictures of. It certainly won’t be your average local photographer shots……...The Queen of Denmark may be in there, as will some of the Special Security Services involved in a recent Spartan run in Greece.  

29 November 2017
Annual Versatility Challenge
This is a fun event where you need to bring in our own images to suit various titles. We usually hold a separate, earlier session (on the same evening) for children to come to with their own images. It is hoped that we will have enough support to run the event for children again this year. 
Here are the titles for the 2017 Versatility Challenge, to be held in November (most likely it will be on the 29th)
  1. Nature at work
  2. Lurking in the shadows
  3. Yellow
  4. All about Aquatics
  5. Mainly Legs
  6. Softly, softly
  7. Unusual to see
  8. Feel the heat
…….and the slightly simpler version for Children to follow (although this year there isn’t really that much difference between the 2 sets of titles.
The children do usually come up with some brilliant images though! All children are welcome to come and join in. They must be somehow loosely connected to a club member ( as ‘loosely connected' as your neighbour’s kids is fine!) and any parents are very welcome to come along too.
  1. Nature.
  2. Dark
  3. Yellow
  4. Water
  5. Legs
  6. Soft
  7. Unusual
  8. Hot
The Programme through to the end of 2017 is almost ready now to be put up on the club website and a good proportion of the following Spring/Summer season is sorted too.
Do keep the 21st February 2018 in your diaries as a definite date NOT TO BE MISSED.
Our meeting that evening is a presentation by Guy Edwardes, an extremely talented landscape photographer who will absolutely blow you away if you have never seen any of his work before!